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Profile essay

Profile essay should be both descriptive and analytical. If you are writing a profile essay about the country, for example, your essay can be historical in essence.  For instance, you may create a profile of the country looking at its history, economics, or culture.  There are many ways to write a profile essay and you should develop your own format.  Headings and subheadings should be used to organize the flow of ideas better.  Below is a short sample profile essay on the topic of Europeanism.  If you need custom essay writing assistance, you should order custom profile essay essay writing help at our site. Our writers will write an original profile essay from scratch for you.

Profile Essay Sample

The prevailing culture--present or future--is necessarily that which determines vocation of the race and its historical destiny. I shall try to draw the profile of a culture that conceivably could exist in Mexico, given certain organic circumstances of society and man as the results of a particular history.

We must not continue to practice a false Europeanism; but it is just as urgent to avoid another dangerous illusion, cherished by an equally false type of Mexicanism. Enlivened by a resentment against everything foreign, this Mexicanism seeks to rebuild our national life on other bases than those which it has had up to now--as if it were possible to undo in one moment our entire history. There is an attempt to isolate Mexico from all contact with the outside world so as to free its native qualities from all extraneous elements. Just as "Europeanism" was founded on the ideal of a culture which could exist apart from life, "nationalism" was founded on the belief that Mexico was already complete in itself, with a definitive national physiognomy, and that its only need was to be drawn out into the light of day, like an unearthed idol. Such a belief is supported by an inclination to the picturesque--mountain scenes, dotted with Indian figures in their typical white cotton suits and with cactus plants.

Recent art has undertaken an amplification--as in a resounding box--of the "picturesque" dimensions that have found wide acceptance, especially among Yankee tourists. But this Mexico of the charro (Mexican horseman) and the Mexico of the china poblana (colorful style of women's regional dress), as well as the Mexico of the legendary savage (whose novelty and attraction for Europeans I cannot understand; there is proof of their own savagery in what has transpired since 1914), constitute a Mexico for export which is just as false as the romantic Spain of the tambourine.

But if we can rid our nationalistic spirit of all its resentment against things foreign (the kind of resentment which is typical in those suffering from an inferiority complex), there will undoubtedly remain a moral substance of absolute value for Mexico. This will be the voice of our most authentic being, which now finally makes itself heard after so many years in which the Mexican turned a deaf ear to his destiny. It is almost impossible to believe that this is a novelty; but it is. Mexicans have not lived naturally; their history has always lacked candor. That is why they now should quickly heed that voice, which demands a life of sincerity.

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