Proposal Essay Topics


Guide on Proposal Essay Topics

A proposal essay basically sets out to convince the reader about an idea and tries to convince them about your proposal or problem, solving an exercise.

There are so many different kinds of proposal essay topics, which you can write on:

  • Rising costs of tuition and the economic slowdown
  • Economically challenged students and the procurement of textbooks
  • Teaching through a second language
  • Drugs on campus
  • Helicopter parents
  • Gay marriage
  • The death penalty
  • Racism
  • Gender inequalities
  • Job cuts and the US economy
  • Measures against global warming
  • Racism on campus
  • Financing of men vs. women athletes
  • Sexual harassment
  • Job bias for good looking people
  • Gender discrimination
  • Smoking and the law
  • Enforcement of health food on campus
  • How to stem teenage pregnancies
  • How to help migrant students to cope with English skills
  • Studying and working
  • Dealing with drunken driving
  • Assimilation and acceptance of students with AIDS

The above proposal essay topics are usually essays, which offer a proposal and aim to solve certain issues by offering solutions for them.

In other words, the idea behind a proposal essay is to convince the reader of your proposal by coming up with real life solutions.

Proposal Essay Topics

Once you have chosen from amongst some useful proposal essay topics and now you need to look at the problem from a number of angles in order to come up with a fitting and convincing proposal to solve the problem.

 In doing so, it is always good to have an essay outline, which you can refer to and elaborate on to convince the reader of your proposal.

A good proposal essay should have such advantages as:

  • A logical flow as well as make use of transition words and phrases so that one idea flows smoothly in to the next.
  • Your introductory paragraph should concisely state your thesis statement and the body paragraphs should offer evidence to support the thesis statement.
  • A proposal essay on any of the above proposal essay topics should also end with a strong concluding paragraph that reaffirms your thesis statement and convinces the reader, that your proposal can solve the problem and improve the situation!

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