Psychology Research Paper


Psychology Research Paper

If you are interested in studying psychology, you should be for the situation when you have to write a psychology research paper. You need to conduct a research and analyze the results of it. Many samples of a psychology research paper are available in the Internet; however, we do not recommend you to use them for writing your paper, as they have some certain flaws.

Stages For Writing A Psychology Research Paper

  1. Once a student has received a topic, she/he should not start writing immediately, as there is a step of outline making. Outline is your plan for future work on a psychology research paper, which contains three major parts and description to its subdivisions.
  2. Now, when an outline is ready, you may start thinking about writing the introduction, including the thesis sentence and transitional sentence.
  3. The body part requires a lot of attention and critical thinking. You need to include into discussion examples, data, statistics and observation of some facts to support your thoughts and ideas. Do not forget, that after each citation you need to give your understanding of it.
  4. The conclusion is the last part, where a student should restate the thesis sentence and key ideas. Then you may give your opinion upon the subject matter and offer your propositions on some prevention measures or other aspects relevant to the topic under analysis.
  5. Once the first draft is written, you need to use your brains and critical thinking for editing and revising. Do not be afraid to throw something away and to find some additional information on a subject.

Topics For A Psychology Research Paper

You should know that psychology splits into several branches and you need to consider this while choosing your topic. These may include cognitive, developmental, physiological, social psychology and psychology of individual differences. Here are some topics for your consideration:

  • Theory of psychology
  • Psychotherapy for prevention crisis
  • Effects of Leading Questions
  • Models of memory and art of not-forgetting
  • Stress causes illness
  • Using images for memory increasing
  • Anorexia and psychological dependence from food
  • Gender differences
  • Syndrome of loneliness in the society
  • Observation of everyday behavior as a way of mental disorder definition
  • Criminal style of behavior
  • Relationships of adopted children

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