Reaction Essay Writing


Reaction Essay Writing: What Aspects Should We Know?

The best reaction essay style is going to emerge from communicating directly and justifying your points with evidence and reasons. If you want to find models to give you some idea, academic essay writing is generally more appropriate as a source than a book.

Books vary much more widely and are written partly to interest the reader. They are different from reaction essay style in several ways. When you write an essay, you are not trying to address a particularly wide audience.

Though a book is a collection of edited papers, it will probably keep the use of references and brackets to a necessary minimum, so as not to interrupt the flow of text.

The author has a certain right to speak from experience and make you think. A book can be functional as well as informative. It can teach as well as argue a case. Authors will often address the reader as ‘you’ and include material with which you might identify.

This chapter is not a good model for an essay because it explains, rather than argues a case. It does not establish a history or context, and there are few propositions, which are discussed.

The Features Of Academic Essay Writing

  • The most important feature of writing reaction essay is that it includes justification for the statements.
  • Justifying what you say, means giving good reasons or evidence for college essay statements and conclusions.
  • A convention that is nevertheless true for many essays is that more references come in the first six pages of your English essay than in the rest of the text.

These consequently influence the essay style of what follows. If you are trying to establish the intellectual level of your essay writing, your evidence (including references) needs to come sufficiently early. The convention may be outdated, it may be playing safe, but it still pervades a great deal of academic essay writing.

Writing Reaction Essay, Mention These Facts

Using ‘we’ instead of ‘you’ and ‘I’ in essays is also a convention that may be used if you are not confident enough to refer to yourself or your reader directly. Sometimes there exist problems. Some lecturers do not like students using ‘we’ in their written academic essays because it sounds pompous and pretentious.

The use of ‘we’ can quickly veer towards the royal ‘We’ as in ‘We have not found this in our data’ when the author is the only person collecting and analyzing data. ‘I did not find this in my data’ is more accurate if you refer to yourself. Better still might be something like ‘The data did not show that…’ a form which distances the reader from personal involvement.

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