Reflective Essays


Reflective Essays Structure

Essay consists of:

·              Introduction that shows the idea (goal) of the reflective essays.

·              Main body of the reflective essays consists of several sections, gradually revealing the topic. Each section examines one side of the key idea (sub-topic). Assertions of the own positions are supported by the evidences taken from the literature (citation, reference numbers, facts, definitions).

·               Conclusion, where the students formulate the main findings.

The introduction explains:

  • Why is this topic chosen? Teachers want to know student’s personal attitude to the reflective essays topic (issue). Is the topic actual? Why?
  • What kind of cultural or scientific value does the topic represent (in terms of researchers, scientists)?

Body and conclusion:

  • Writing body text, it is better to make conclusion at the end of each section of the reflective essays body (Cliché: «So, .. It is possible to conclude that... As a result, One may conclude ...»).
  • In reflective essays conclusion, student should express very briefly the general conclusions on the main topic, the outlook for the research, own view on the solution of the problem and on the authors’ position in the used literature, agreement or disagreement with them.

Reflective Essays Headings

Essay outline headings are the basic structural units of the text. The title of each part has to be formulated in such a way that it was not equal to the topic scope and no more than the volume of its contents, because the part of the text represents only one aspect of the topic and the title should reflect this subordination. Once the outline is made, you can start writing the draft. Quite a large amount of work suggests that it is better to write by the small portions rather than the entire text from beginning to end. In addition, each of them has to fit into the overall intellectual plot of the paper.

Reflective Essays Hints 

If the evidence is borrowed from the author of the used books or article, then it must be arranged as a reference to the source and should have the serial number. References are drawn up at the bottom of the text under the line, indicating the serial number of references and information about books or articles. Or, the references must be arranged in alphabetical order at the end of essay according to the certain rules of definite academic style.

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