Research Essay


Research Essay: Format and Ideas

One of the main problems a student faces when he is about to write his or her research essay is creating research essay ideas. Especially, if it is your first experience in research essay writing, you may need some help in order to get to know how to cope with such a task. This article contains some research essay ideas, which can be very helpful for you while your research essay writing.

However, before starting to offer you some of the research essay ideas, it is, but natural to make you acquainted with research essay format. Thus, any research essay despite of its topic should consist of the following parts: title page, abstract, introduction, the main body, discussion, conclusion, list of bibliography.

Research Essay Abstract

The abstract is a brief summery of what the reader is going to read about in your research essay. Some of the students exclude abstract from their research essay writing, however, we recommend you to spend a little time while writing it, if you claim for the highest grade. Though, the abstract is placed at the very beginning of your research essay, it is recommended to write it only after you finish your research essay, as you will not be able to write the whole gist of your research essay until it is finished.

Research Essay Introduction

In the introduction of your research essay, you have to get acquainted the reader with the topic you are going to write. Do you want to hear a secret? If you want to get the highest grade, you have to include your theses in the very first lines of your research essay.

Research Essay Discussion

In the discussion you have reveal the ideas, which are closely related with the theses you have made in the introductory part of your research essay. Write all your research essay ideas in the separate paragraphs in order to make your research essay to be arranged in a proper way.

In the concluding part, you have to sum up all your research essay ideas analyzing them and answering the questions, you have been asked.

Research Essay Ideas Rules

As for the research paper ideas, you have to learn one and the main rule: never write research essay at the global subject. For example, you have received an assignment to write war research essay, do not write about the war in whole. You have the right to choose the topic by yourself; that is why concentrate only upon researching only one of the wars, for example, World War II, or otherwise, you will fail to write a fully researched research essay and it will lose its relevance.

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