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Research Essay Writing Style: What Are THE Keys To Success?

The over-use of personal pronouns in academic essay writing is very irritating. But their occasional use helps the readers identify with the research essay writers and understand what is happening.

  • Using ‘we’ occasionally in the college research essay is exemplified in the paragraph just quoted, beginning ‘Model essays, where the structure’. Over-using ‘I’ or ‘we’ can make the text read like a confession rather than an essay, especially where these pronouns are used to start sentences.
  • The key to this is to be consistent in the use of ‘I’, ‘you’ and ‘we’, keeping them to a minimum. Admittedly, trying to hit the right research essay style is extremely difficult because of readers’ preferences and it is impossible to find a style to suit everyone. Many academic essay writers avoid the problem entirely by using alternative phrases such as:
  • Clearly this was far less true of Germany than…

            This is where the disagreements and controversies begin…

            The data indicates that…

  • Shortened forms such as ‘isn’t’, ‘we’re’, ‘I’m’, ‘don’t’ and ‘it’s’ are far too colloquial for an essay writing. Reserve them for letters to friends. Equally, exclamation marks are out of place in the research English essay that tries to make a case through reasoned argument.

We would not go so far as to suggest that they should never be used, but they tend to be associated with the emphasis you might use in an informal letter.

Research Essay: The Recommendations!

Research essay style is also determined by two further factors, which are the length of your essay sentences and the way you construct paragraphs. If you are in the habit of using long clauses to start a sentence such as ‘Although we can see that the present state of research on this topic is inconclusive and controversial, more recent evidence…’ it may be hard going trying to read your essay.

Writing research essay sentences should vary in length just as they do in speech. There are no hard and fast rules about paragraphs, except that it is difficult to believe that there is any such thing as an ‘A4’ length paragraph without any breaks.

If you find that you are writing a whole page of continuous text, you are certainly not expressing yourself well. A paragraph is a number of sentences on one theme and should not contain confusing jumps of thought, changes of direction and non sequiturs.

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