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Research Essays

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Research Essay Sample

Who watches religious television? While women over fifty still compose the largest audience segments, there are also large proportions of men in the audience. The programs of Jimmy Swaggart and Jerry Falwall "attract the smallest number of women (43% each)". Interestingly, the programs of Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson "are more likely to attract younger men". Children compose thirty percent of Falwell's audience. There is no question that the electric church audience is more diverse than the original Nielsen and Arbitron data revealed. This confirms the assumption that "different programs attract different types of audiences". In spite of these burgeoning figures, which suggest that, for the time being, the electric church can be expected to become an even stronger societal force, there are inherent limits to its growth which can eventually slow down its spread. Some of these limitations are external and beyond its control; other limitations are internal and could he controlled.

One external factor is demographics. It is true that the population is aging, but there is little to suggest that these individuals will become electric church viewers. A factor more predictive of electric church expansion is conservative church membership. Audience survey data indicate that many viewers are already members of ultraconservative evangelical churches. Many are born-again Christians. In other words, the audience is tuning in to reinforce a religiosity it already holds. Along with the growth of the conservative churches, there has been an expansion of the conservative infrastructure, primarily through its schools and other community activities. As long as conservative church membership continues to grow, audience potential will exist.

Clearly the relationship between the preacher and the audience is very different from that in commercial television. Viewers may regularly watch a particular program and buy the sponsor's products, but this is a transient commitment and must be continually reinforced. For many viewers of religious television, the commitment extends beyond merely watching the program to actually participating in the services and activities of the ministry. Many of the teleministries offer memberships to their viewers as part of their process of audience building. If, however, the television audience remains relatively stable, competition among televangelists is likely to become even more fierce than it is now. As noted earlier, the top eight televangelists account for most of the market. Unabated, such a competitive struggle raises the possibility that internal factors--poor management, overexpansion, scandal or fraud, or dissension--might force some of these televangelists out of the picture.

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