Research Paper Layout


Research Paper Layout

Proper research paper layout is an important element of research paper writing process. A typical research paper should have an abstract, the outline, and reference list in addition to the main body parts such as introduction, supporting paragraphs, and conclusions. The following sections of the article outline the details for typical research paper layout.

The Abstract

The abstract is a condensed version of a piece of writing, speech, etc., in other words, it is a summary of the whole research project. You should bring some main aspects of the discussion of your paper, main results stating and your opinion on that. Students should use such type of an abstract as thematic summary, where they state brief description of main aspects of the paper, disclose several sources and give their own opinions of the issue under discussion. A research paper layout states on the usefulness of such type of writing because it helps readers understand the essence of the learnt problem from the first sentences.

The Outline

First, you need to write a tentative outline, which will help you follow the main aspects, which you should learn. Then you need to write an outline, which is for directing your readers at next section of discussion.

You should use Roman numerals and certain structure. The outline may be of two types. The first one consists of three major parts of your research paper and several subparts of the body part. We will take the topic “World War II” for instance:

  1. Introduction
  2. Body
  1. World War II preconditions
  2. World War II events
  3. World War II results

III.       Conclusion

The second type should have more detailed descriptions to every subpart. Your instructor may require it to see how you manage the topic.

The Reference List

It should have its title “Reference” and specify the sources you have used in your paper writing. The names of authors and/or web sites should be in the alphabetic order. The reference line includes author’s name, the name of a book, the publisher, date of printing and the number of pages (for journal articles).

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