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Sample of Essay Writing

Read the following sample of essay writing. This extract may serve as example for your college essay writing.

Sample essays are usually good guides for novice writers.

“…The advent of Buddhism in China from around the middle of the first century C.E. wrought enormous social and cultural change. The significance of Buddhism was not restricted to religion but cut across all levels and facets of secular life as well. Bringing with it Indian learning in numerous fields, Buddhism had a profound effect on philosophy, linguistics, medicine, astronomy, mathematics, architecture, and virtually every other area of human endeavor.

Since literature broadly reflects the whole of human experience, the Buddhist impact on all these activities showed up in canonical and no canonical writings almost from the moment the new religion took root in China. In literature, aside from the overt reflections of the Indian faith, such as descriptions of monks, temples, religious rituals, statues, and paintings, there were countless subtler - yet equally or perhaps even more transformative aspects brought by Buddhism. Among them: the pros metric form, sophisticated prosodic rules, esthetic standards, specific genres, dramatic conventions, and, above all, the acceptance and affirmation of fictive imaginary realms.”

Writing an Essay Guide

  • After collecting sufficient source materials to identify the topic, college essays writer can organize them into a crude outline and thereafter file his notes under these essay categories.
  • While refining his ideas and doing more reading and observing, he may note and correct weaknesses in his essay outline, such as gaps that exist, materials that are not in the most logical order, topics that are in poor proportion, or items that need to be combined or omitted.
  • Essay outline is continuously remolded; it is not a rigid instrument, which is constructed accurately in one draft. Rather, it is an imperfect map that is useful even in its crudest stage, but becomes a more reliable instrument as it is improved upon during the process of English essays writing.

What does dictate items and order in any sample essay outlines?

The essays format required by the institution provides the general framework. Essays ideas serve as guides for structuring the specific arguments – the procedures employed, the evidence collected, and the conclusions reached.

But within all essays argumentmaterials must be ordered in terms of importance, time, place, cause and effect, similarities and contrasts, or on some other basis. After all the arguments are structured, they must be placed in a logical order for college English essays writing.

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