School Uniform Essay


School Uniform Essay

At some time or another it is quite possible that you will be asked to write a school uniform essay. Wearing a school uniform enhances group identity and inculcates harmony through the fact that everyone has a uniform look. Perhaps there is an element of group psychology in this-try smearing a chick with some black discoloration and placing it back with a group of chickens-the chances are that the other chickens will start picking on this ‘alien’ looking creature.

The benefits of school uniforms

A good school uniform essay can talk about group psychology and the fact that communities are usually strengthened by a strong ‘we’ feeling that extends to common language food, and dress patterns. So one can argue that another advantage of wearing school uniforms is that it strengthen a feeling of unity in a group

Isaacson (1998) points out that 25% of the countries schools at the pubic elementary, middle, and junior high levels have successfully implemented school uniforms. Isaacson argues that the implementation of a School uniform policy facilitates the greatest value from education. This is because a school uniform brings about the following benefits:

  • School uniforms dissolve socio-economical barriers since the more affluent students are forced to dress exactly the same as those from a less privileged background.
  • A good school uniform essay should point out that the prime function of school uniforms is that they discourage gang wars since gang membership is distinguished on the basis of a particular type of clothes or colors. So in that sense a  school uniform essay should point out that uniforms add a safety factor to schools
  • Uniforms have also been found to bring down the incidence of violence and decrease crimes by as much as 36%.
  • School uniforms also make it easier to identify trespassers. (Ryan & Cooper, 2000)
  • Wearing school uniforms results in a more secular outlook since different communities from diverse backgrounds dress in exactly the same fashion
  • Parents need not buy their children designer jeans and other paraphernalia
  • School uniforms also promote a sense of discipline since children who are seen in public places have to act as brand ambassadors on their best behavior

Disadvantages of school uniforms can include the fact that they do away with individuality and that they may not be affordable for children from disadvantaged backgrounds.

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