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Science Term Paper: Science Today

Today there are many thoughts on science development and there are many views on this process. Students are welcome to trace some essential features of scientific discoveries and problems. They are likely to do their own research or experiment if needed.

However, there should be serious attention to science, as it develops as quickly, as our surrounding world changes.

Information for a Science Term Paper

You may visit some useful scientific sites, which present some experiments, news and ideas on various topics. Among them, you may find Scientific American, Exploratorium, Starry Night, Nature, The Space Store, American Scientist, Extreme Science, Work Tree, NASA, NOVA, How Stuff Works, Sky & Telescope, Science News Online, OMNI Magazine, Science Daily Magazine, Chemical Week, National Geographic, EPA and others.

Some Topics for Science Term Paper

  • Swift development of science and its results
  • Cloning of people today: secret files
  • Chemical nature of scientific development
  • Embryonic stem cells and rejuvenation with their help
  • Advantages and disadvantages of scientific researches
  • Destruction of nature and scientific development
  • Space and global weather research: connected problems
  • Technological innovations: robots
  • Increasing level of radiation
  • Alternative ways of energy generating
  • Electro mobiles and their advantages

How to Write a Science Term Paper?

If you have many questions how to write your science term paper, you may use our advice:

  • Figure out type of your science term paper. As science embraces many spheres of study, you need to certain what area you want to learn. Among them you may find Biology, Environment, Aerospace, Banking, Geospatial, Energy, Medicine, Water, Electronic Commerce, Geography, Electronics, Agriculture, Internet and WWW, Geology, Space, Robotics and Automation, Biotechnology, Power Systems, Earth and not only.
  • Follow the structure of a term paper. Set examples, add some comments and quotes.
  • Revise your science term paper attentively. You may miss something essential or find something odd.

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