Self Portrait Essay


Self Portrait Essay: A Plan How to Write It

Self portrait essay is a rather interesting task for any student as it gives an opportunity to the writer to look at himself or herself from his or her own point of view. Depicting one’s portrait is rather difficult itself, and if speaking about drawing a portrait of yourself, this task may puzzle a lot. That is why self portrait essays are rather complicated tasks to complete.

Self Portrait Essay Writing Tips & Steps

However, if you have a plan how to write your self portrait essay it will not be very difficult for you to cope with it. So, let us concentrate upon the plan for self portrait essay writing.   

  • Start your self portrait essay with the information which can introduce you: where you were born, in which family you were born, and how it influences your life now.    
  • You should draw not only your outer world portrait, that is your appearance, but also your inner world portrait – your thoughts, believes, hopes, maxims, aims, achievements, goals, failures, etc.
  • You should not only enumerate all the above-mentioned items, but also analyze them in terms of philosophy, psychology, sociology.
  • You should write what you think about yourself, at this point, you have to know that those self portrait essays written in the negative tune, will never be treated in the proper way, as if you do not consider yourself to be worth of, for example excellent grade, no one will consider you this way as well. Show that you love yourself,  however, this love should be based upon some background, as for example, positive features of character such as kindness, mercy, in order you not to seem being Narcissus.
  • Speak about your general attitude and outlook for life - whether you think life treats you kind or it is rather unfair to you.
  • Speak about some your experience you have had, choose one or two events in your life you want to speak about and describe your reaction, your feelings, and thoughts.
  • In the conclusion, it is necessary to mention how all the events, which take place in your life, influence you, whether they change your personality or your attitude to life, or you do not react much on some circumstances. Tell the reader who you are now and what you want to change.
  • Edit your self portrait essay to remove the mistakes and leave it for several days. After that, reread it one more time, only after that you will be able to evaluate your self portrait essay in the proper way.

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