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Smoking may be beneficial for the consumers because it has a positive psychological impact on the smokers. In particular, smoking helps smokers relax, stay focused, and cope with stressful situations more effectively. In addition, smoking is believed to be one of the ways to keep weight down because it increases metabolism and encourages activity.  Moreover, smoking is beneficial not only for consumers but also for the government in the form of taxes and fines due to addictive nature of smoking.

One of the most important benefits of smoking is psychological. Smoking makes smokers feel happy and relaxed; smoking is enjoyable as it puts smokers in a different environment. Smokers enjoy the process of smoking. Sometimes, smoking is a mean to make friends. Furthermore, smoking helps to focus, increase attention, and improve performance because nicotine present in the smoke causes chemical reactions in smokers’ brain that makes the smokers feel better. It is a well-established fact that smoking enhances learning and memory in smokers. Another psychological benefit of smoking is related to the ability of smokers to deal with stressful situations more effectively. The mere act of smoking allows the smokers to think about the stressful situations and problems they have from different perspectives. It is believed that smoking makes smokers more able to control their anger and overcome tensions. As the result, smoking allows coping with stress by cleaning the head of thoughts. Lastly, smoking lessens the feelings of depression and anxiety and makes the smokers more relaxed.

The second major benefit of smoking is related to health. In particular, smoking makes it possible for smokers to keep the weight down. Moreover, smoking contributes to the weight loss without any diets because it suppresses the smokers’ appetite. On the other hand, smoking keeps the food inside the stomach for a longer time. It is important to add that smoking speeds up the smoker’s metabolism. Besides, smoking helps to ease the pain and creates the feeling of overall happiness. Finally, smoking encourages smokers to be more active in daily life because they sleep less. Thus, smoking is the best way to combat fatigue and boredom.

Thirdly, smoking is beneficial for government because smokers pay significant taxes for buying cigarettes. The taxes paid by smokers are the source of income for the country. Furthermore, the government gets additional funds in the form of fines imposed on smokers for smoking in prohibited places, such as restaurants with the smoking bans, malls, trains, subways, etc. Thus, smoking is the source of income for the national, state, and local governments. Due to addictive nature of smoking, the government has a constant source of revenues. Therefore, smoking is economically viable for the national economic stability and growth, especially if the number of smokers is steadily increasing. Smoking habit creates one of the most important markets in the world and the government will continue imposing higher taxes on smokers.

In conclusion, smoking cannot and should not be considered as a taboo or harmful habit that has negative impact on society because in fact smoking has many benefits. From psychological perspective, smoking gives an opportunity for smokers to relax. Smoking is one of the most effective ways to keep weight down and to speed up metabolism. Economically, smoking contributes to the national budgets and brings more money to the government. Therefore, smoking is beneficial for society.

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