Summary and Response Essay


Summary and Response Essay: What Is It?

In order to understand the main principles of summary and response essay you have to get acquainted with both these notions a little bit closer. Thus, summary essay is a short paraphrase of the information, which the essay contains. Summary essay cites the writer of the essay; it includes all the main theses and the ideas, which support the above-mentioned theses.

While you are making summary essay, you have to use the following clichés: the author deals with, the author depicts the idea of, the author points out that, the author agrees with, the author argues with, the author casts the light into, according to the author, as it is stated by the author, the author emphasizes, the author insists on, etc.

Be careful with the size of your summary essay, it should not be longer than one third of the essay itself. Do not write either too long or too short summary essay.

Response Essay Must Be Critical

Response essay is the evaluation of the written essay, a critical one. At this point, you do not have to make the rephrases of the essay; you have to analyze it. Response essay is your personal point of view to the problem highlighted in the essay you have to make a response to. You either agree or disagree with the statements and theses made in the essay. You have to mention the strengths and weaknesses of the essay; examine and analyze the style and its structure.

As you see, you have to do a lot of work while your summary and response essay writing. Both of these tasks are rather difficult and demand a lot of attention and hard working, and if they are joined in one task, as in summary and response essay, of course, it is not simple to accomplish it at all. However, as they say, “Nothing is impossible,” if you work hard and try your best you will be able to write an excellent summary and response essay.

Response Essay Outline

  • introductory part which contains theses of the summery;
  • summery itself ( just several paragraphs);
  • your agreement with the essay or your disagreement with the essay;
  • strong and weak points;
  • conclusion.

We hope that the present article will help you while struggling with your summary response essay writing; if you have some additional questions, you are welcome to set them to our custom writing service representatives.

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