Term Paper Format


Term Paper Formatting Rules

Term paper format is one of the critical aspects of grading system applied by your instructor to evaluate the overall quality of your written term paper. It means that you need to pay sufficient attention to the elements of academic term papers. If you fail to format your term paper properly, the grade for your written term paper may be lowered. You do not want to lose valuable points, do you?

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Elements of Term Paper Format


Is usually a very short description of the whole term paper. You need to describe the researched problem and show why it is important to the readers. Also, you need to mention your findings and guide the reader through the whole paper. You need to summarize your term paper in 120 words or less.


Introduction is one of the most important sections of your term paper. In the opening part of your term paper, you need to present the issue or problem, provide a short and yet relevant literature review, state the significance of the problem, and establish a comprehensive framework explaining how you plan to deal with the problem.


For some reason, methodology is difficult to write. Term paper methodology section should outline the methods you utilized to gather information on the problem under investigation; you need to address such issues as relevance and quality of the data gathered through research. Finally, you need to cover the specific steps taken to obtain data.


Results section of your term paper should present the findings of your investigation, study, or research. You may and should use tables, graphs, and other visuals to present the results. Also, you need to address any problems you encountered while presenting the results. For example, you may mention technical challenges or lack of software.


This section is very interesting as your task here is to bring life into results. You need to show how the findings are important and why they are important. You need to address the key findings, show their significance, and draw conclusions.


The final section of your term paper format is conclusions. In this section, you need to wrap up the whole project, address the significance of the researched problems, provide recommendations, give concluding remarks, and offer suggestions for future researches. Also, do not forget to mention limitations of your investigation.


Reference list should be written in accordance to specific referencing style requested by your instructor. Your task is to follow citation and referencing format very attentively. Otherwise, you will have to deal with plagiarism issue! You do not want your efforts wasted, do you? Therefore, reference all sources and do not plagiarize!

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