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It is much easier to write a good term paper when you have an academic term paper layout sample in front of you. Therefore, this article will help you organize your term paper writing more effectively as it offers you several good advices on term paper layout.

How Should Your Term Paper Have Inside?

Title page, abstract, outline, text of paper, reference list, appendix and illustration list are the main parts of your term paper layout. Of course, your instructor may have specific requirements for term paper outlay elements; therefore, do not hesitate to ask for a sample before you start formatting your writing.

Term Paper Layout – Format It Right

Formatting is an integral part of writing process and you should devote enough time to this step of writing. If you do not devote sufficient effort to formatting term paper outlay, you may lose valuable points because of neglect of requirements. There are three specific places you should pay your attention to: title page, body text, and pagination.  

  1. As for a title page, you need to find good samples of specific styles for term paper writing. In particular, there are MLA, APA, and Harvard title page styles. Ask your teacher for the specific style requirements. In addition, you should take into account that instructors have strict requirements for font, color, and outlay of the title page. Do not neglect what your teacher expects!
  2. Traditionally, academic term papers are double-spaced, written in traditional font (Arial 12 pts, Times New Roman 12 pts, Verdana or Courier New 11 pts). There are no additional spaces between paragraphs or before/after the titles and headers. Do not try to deceive your instructor by increasing the length of your paper with the help of empty spaces. It will not work for you.
  3. Similar to the title page requirements, the term paper outlay includes specific rules for pagination. Sometimes, page number must appear in the upper right corner; in other cases, instructors require lower right corner. Similarly, near the page number you need to include either your name or the title of the term paper, depending on the requirements of your instructor.  

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