Term Paper on Tsunami


Term Paper on Tsunami

By definition, tsunami is a number of large water waves of devastating power. Tsunami may appear in the result of the displacement of the enormous volume of water in the ocean. The largest number of tsunamis occurs in Japan.

If you are writing a term paper on tsunami, you may mention the following facts in your writing:

  • Tsunami may occur in the result of earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, or explosions taking place under the water.
  • Until the 20th century, there was limited understanding of the causes as well as nature of tsunami. Today, the ongoing research uncovers the secrets of tsunamis.
  • The scientific term used to refer to tsunamis is seismic sea waves.
  • You may explore such topics related to tsunamis: tropical cyclones, storm surges, the height of tides, atmospheric pressure.

Term Paper on Tsunami Ideas

The first step of term paper writing is the choice of the specific topic. What do you want to explore in your term paper on tsunamis? Will you write a descriptive essay and try to cover as much information as possible? Will you explore the causes of tsunamis? Will you focus your attention on the most devastating tsunamis of the 20th century? Will you provide the historical overview of the research on tsunamis?  You need to choose one aspect of the topic, write down an outline, and then start conducting a research. Here are several topics ideas for term paper writing on tsunamis caused by earthquakes:

  1. If earthquake occurs below the body of a water, it may generate a tsunami
  2. If earthquake is of moderate magnitude, it may generate a tsunami
  3. If earthquake leads to the large displacement of water, it may generate a tsunami

These statements are rather obvious but you may use any of them to develop an excellent term paper. Unless your teacher wants to see the broad coverage of the topic ‘tsunami’, you need to provide a focused term paper project.

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