Term Paper Requirements


Term Paper Requirements

An English term paper is rather difficult to write. It is important to remember from the start, though, that college term papers still follow the standard general format of the scientific research paper. In other words, term paper, even a simple description of one topic, should have an abstract, introduction, materials and methods section, results, discussion, conclusions, and bibliography section. The following tips address each section separately.

Term Paper Tips

  • Abstract. Most term paper writers prefer a “content” abstract, one that summarizes the findings of the paper rather than just describing them. Writing term papers you will share their preference once you realize that your abstract is all most readers will ever see of your paper. If you don't put a good summary of your findings into your abstract, you have only yourself to blame if your work never gets used.
  • Introduction. For the description of a single species this can be very brief (a sentence or two). It should give the reason for writing the paper – the discovery or hypothesis that impelled the research – and the historical background necessary to place the work in perspective.
  • Methods or Methods and Materials. This section of college term paper writing covers techniques used to capture, preserve, and measure the study organism. If there is no section for material (specimens) examined in the main description, it should be included in this section.
  • The Description. In a species description this is the equivalent of the results or results and discussion section, or main body of the term paper. Full descriptions include headings, synonymy (if necessary), etymology (if necessary), material examined or type material, diagnosis, description, discussion, ecology, and distribution.
  • Conclusion. For the simplest academic papers a summary may be unnecessary; the abstract provides all the summary information needed. But for “mixed” term papers, those that discuss biological or other results, in addition to the species description, some kind of conclusion should be drawn or summary included.
  • Acknowledgments. Although it is optional, an acknowledgments section gives you a chance to thank others for their assistance: colleagues and students, technicians, consulted, helpful librarians, your mother, and so on. People like to see their help acknowledged in print. It is also the proper place to acknowledge funding from grants, fellowships, or institutions.
  • References or Bibliography. Make sure to follow a specific academic term papers format in this (and all other) sections. At the end it should be noticed that it is prohibited to turn in free term papers as it is considered to be a form of plagiarism.

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