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Apart from the caste system and the sanctity of the cow, the most widely known fact about India is that it is haunted by poverty. Evidence is ample and impinges upon the sensibilities of even the least sensitive visitor. India is perhaps one of the few countries in the world where it is virtually impossible to give one a guided tour through the "better" parts of a city, town, or village, for poverty and riches live side by side. The islands of privilege are more like sandbars in the vast shallow waters of deprivation and degradation. What we call the "middle class" in the affluent world—small businessmen, traders and merchants, and the white- and blue-collar workers—is infinitesimal. And although this "middle-upper" class is easily distinguishable from the very wealthy—with their massive assets and perquisites of luxury— it is nevertheless far closer to the elite—in terms of education, status, satisfaction of basic needs, and enjoyment of comforts—than to the multitudes of the poor. To all intents and purposes, one can say (as Gunnar Myrdal does) that there are really only two classes in India— the upper class and the lower—with shadings of affluence in the one and shadings of deprivation in the other.

While the well-off may live in physical proximity to the poor, they are divided from them by a vast gap in consciousness as well as status and condition and in the cultural symbols and tools of communication available to them. This unimaginable chasm has been carefully nurtured for eons, consciously and unconsciously, by the privileged of each generation. During this century, however, enlightened leaders like Gandhi and Nehru tried to awaken the masses, and the elites became more aware of the need to protect their fortresses. Ideas of equality, dignity, and social justice were propagated through the institutions of a democratic government, socialist preachments, and the growth of education, communication, and transportation. The privileged classes began to strengthen their defenses, even though the poor had shown few signs of challenging their supremacy. Once the mere potential for such a challenge was recognized, the wealthy marshalled all their resources to defend themselves. In one sense, the history of India since independence can be seen as a series of efforts by the better-off sections of Indian society to preserve, consolidate, and extend their status and privilege against the potential challengers. This fact is necessary to our understanding of the events that have convulsed India since independence, especially during the period 1966 to 1975 which concerns us here.

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