Topics for Persuasive Essays


Topics for Persuasive Essays

Are you allowed to choose any topic you like for writing your persuasive essay paper? It is really good, since you have a freedom of choice. Still, are you ready for this freedom? Do you know exactly what you would like to write about? If no, this article is just what you need. It will tell you what a good topic should be like and offer you several topics for persuasive essays

So, before you actually start seeking for the best and the most suitable topics for persuasive essay, let us discuss what a good persuasive essay topic should be like.

  • It should be interesting to you;
  • It should not leave the reader indifferent but rather to involve him/her into discussion;
  • It should have a certain controversy;
  • There should be enough information to cover this topic to its full extent.

As you can see, good topics for persuasive essays call a desire to argue in the reader. Mind this fact if you want your essay to be interesting indeed.

Now, let us suggest you several possible topics for persuasive essays that might probably arouse your interest and desire to investigate them.

·        Topics for persuasive essays: Should we ignore people ill with AIDs?

Some people regard it to be their responsibility to support those ill with AIDs while others prefer ignoring them. What do you think about this problem? Backup your point of view with reasonable explanations and examples.

·        Topics for persuasive essays: Should a woman be patient to home abuse?

Some people think that a woman is a home hearth keeper who should be patient and strong to any manifestation of cruelty or even physical abuse. Others are sure that a woman should divorce if her husband abuses or beats her. What do you think about this problem? Explain your position.

·        Topics for persuasive essays: Is euthanasia a murder?

Many people believe that we may commit a killing if we cut off the life support system of a terminal patient. Others are sure that sometimes miracles happen with terminal patients, and if we resort to euthanasia, we deprive these patients of the chance to survive. What point of view do you support? Explain your position by providing enough evidences.

·        Topics for persuasive essays: Should a special control be gained over the TV?

Some people believe that the TV gives birth to cruelty and even brutality in society while others think there is nothing bad about the TV today. What do you think about it?   Choose the one you find the most interesting among the persuasive essay topics suggested, and enjoy your writing process!

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