What Is a Persuasive Essay?


What Is a Persuasive Essay?

A persuasive essay is one of the most frequently asked types of essay that students may get. However, far not all of them can give a clear answer to the question ‘What is a persuasive essay?’ If you consider yourself to be one of those students who hardly understand what is required from you when you are asked to write a persuasive essay, this article will turn out extremely useful to you. If you are need of custom essay writing service, do not hesitate to rely on our online essay writers who are available 24/7 to help you with your assignments! Essay writing help provided by our writers is of high quality and you will be satisfied with the quality f persuasive essay written for you!

What is a persuasive essay? – The definition

A persuasive essay is a kind of paper that aims to support the writer’s point of view and disprove all the other existing opinions on the problem. Thus, the writer has to convince the reader that his viewpoint is the only right one. For this purpose, evidences, facts, and real life examples are used.

What is a persuasive essay thesis?

Many students also do not understand what is meant under a thesis. ‘What is a persuasive essay thesis? Is it the fact that everyone knows? Why do I have to support it then?’ This is what any essay writer may think about a thesis statement of a persuasive essay. Actually, a thesis statement of a persuasive essay is the statement that the writer him/herself believes to be the only true.

What is a persuasive essay introduction?

Like any other type of essay, a persuasive essay should have its beginning. The introductory part of a persuasive essay should consist of a topic sentence, background information, and a thesis statement. If you want to make a good intro for your paper, include all this information into it, and DO NOT CONFUSE A THESIS STATEMENT WITH A COMMONLY KNOWN FACT!

What is a persuasive essay body?  

Usually, the main body of a persuasive essay consists of three paragraphs as a minimum. Here, a writer should present at least three points of view on the problem under consideration and provide enough evidences and examples to support it. At the end of each paragraph, a brief conclusion should be drawn.

What is a persuasive essay conclusion?

The conclusion is the final part of a persuasive essay where you need to restate your thesis statement and the most impressive arguments. It adds the final touch to your persuasion and makes your paper more convincing.

What is a persuasive essay format?

Usually, tutors require a persuasive essay to be done according to the rules of a certain format. MLA is one of the most frequently used one for persuasive essays. However, the format may also vary depending on the kind of academic institution.

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