Writing a Persuasive Essay


 Writing a Persuasive Essay

Writing a persuasive essay is always complicated, as persuasion is an art that is difficult to learn.  In this article, you will find several tips that will help you in writing a persuasive essay.

Writing a Persuasive Essay: Tip 1

Try to call a desire to accept your standpoint in the reader

According to David Lakhanl, one of the most famous American psychologist, “the most common misconception about persuasion is that you think it is bad or do not want it done to you”. Mind this misconception while writing a persuasive essay, and you will certainly manage to win the reader.

Writing a Persuasive Essay: Tip 2

Make your reader look at the problem from another perspective

Usually people feel uncomfortable about persuasion since they do not want to be manipulated. If you keep this fact in mind while writing a persuasive essay, you have all chances to make the reader look with another eye upon the problem you discuss;

Writing a Persuasive Essay: Tip 3

Include a couple of anecdotes

Anecdotes illustrate usual situations from humoristic viewpoint, and some of them are not only funny but also educative. So, you can use this device in order to make the reader come to the conclusion you want. You just have to choose the anecdote that will be relevant to your essay topic.

Writing a Persuasive Essay: Tip 4

Pose rhetorical questions

Rhetorical questions help to involve the reader into discussion. Actually, they work because the reader likes to stay active while reading. They will also help you impress the reader.

Writing a Persuasive Essay: Tip 5

Be emotional throughout your paper

 Some tutors consider that there should be no place for emotions if you write an essay paper. Still, some experts in essay writing believe that emotions help to show how passionate you feel about your viewpoint;

Writing a Persuasive Essay: Tip 6

Be honest to your reader

You will never incline the reader to accept your viewpoint if you give arguments you do not support yourself. So, always talk only about the things you are sure to be true.

Writing a Persuasive Essay: Tip 7

Be convincing

Use solid evidences. Try to use a persuasive tone.

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