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Writing research papers is a process of academic quest for knowledge.  If you are writing research paper for a history class for example, you are expected to conduct thorough research on a specific topic and present your research findings in a report format. You need to be attentive to the format of your writing – research papers must follow academic rules of writing.

Research Paper Sample: Excerpts

Careless people will say that these errors do not matter. Some of them possibly do not matter, but who can tell, and at any rate, it is not for us, upon whose shoulders the responsibility lies, to decide whether they matter or not. Could we have any confidence in a cashier who kept certain accounts very carefully and others less carefully? The historian who is worth his salt will take infinite pains to collect all available evidence, sift the facts, test them, and avoid every conceivable source of error. This will increase his labor considerably, and not necessarily increase his fame, for the average reader will not see the difference anyhow. The historian is impelled to take these pains, and cannot escape taking them, because he aims at perfection and permanence.

Historical studies undertaken by the mathematician may be of diverse kinds. For example, he may study the career of a man, his mathematical activities in their relationship not only to contemporary mathematics but to the other events of his life, his environment, the influences to which he was exposed or which he exerted, and so forth. The biographical approach is always fascinating, and it may have some heuristic value, that is, good biographies may help young men to find new thoughts or to find themselves, which is hardly less important. Or else the mathematician may investigate the evolution of a definite idea, or group of ideas, choosing, of course, the ideas which he is engaged with himself. Or he may be interested in retracing the history of mathematical activities in a given country or locality, in his own college for instance, or his native town or his home country. Each of these kinds of studies implies different qualities, in addition to the mathematical preparation, which is always a condition sine qua non. The other qualifications are less obvious and less imperative, but hardly less important. No one can write a good biography who lacks imagination, insight, and sympathy; he must be able to recapture the feelings and the moods as well as the trains of thought of his subject. The writing of a monograph on the genesis and development of an idea, 'the biography of an idea,' requires a deeper insight into mathematical interrelations and continuities, rather than humanism, yet the account will be more appealing if all the human circumstances and idiosyncrasies which moved the idea now in this, now in that direction are brought out in bold relief against the technical and impersonal background. In many cases the biographical and scientific accounts are interwoven.

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